All the following services are under the supervision of Chief Rabbi of Venice, Rav Gili Benyamin.


Kosher House Giardino dei Melograni
The only kosher residence in Venice
Cannaregio 2873
Tel. 041 8226131
sito web:


Jewish Museum Cafeteria

(halav Israel and Akum, pat Israel sandwiches, hot lunches)
Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, 2902
Mediterranea s.a.s.
tel. 3401046858


Kosher Bakery and Grocery "Volpe"

(halav Israel and Akum, Israel and France salami, parve cookie, all pat Israel)
Ghetto Vecchio
tel. 041 715178

Kosher Guest House
Kosher Restaurant
"Coming soon"
Kosher Food and Shops
"Coming soon"
Jewish Community